What’s on Drip?

One of the things that makes 4AM so unique (aside from our own marketplace, live entertainment, and Farm to table dining) is our wide selection of home roasted and fresh coffees. With all the options we have available, its only polite to introduce you to the rich, robust, and sometimes wacky flavors we serve each day.

Light roasted, naturally processed coffee with berry fruit notes

Medium roast coffee with full body and slight green vegetable notes

Medium roasted with nutty and citrus fruit notes

Medium roasted mild, and smooth

A dark roast with low acidity that is earthy and a bit smoky

Another brilliant dark roast with low acidity and earthy notes but with a touch of black pepper notes as well

Toms Blend
Smooth and mellow Breakfast Blend

Wolf Blend
Our darkest blend, low acid, earthy

Cindy’s Espresso Blend
A medium to dark espresso blend

A light espresso blend that is great any way you like to brew your coffee

Blue Blend
A sultry blend with berry fruit and a smokiness that makes this flavor profile unlike any coffee you’ve ever had

Medium roasted water processed decaf

A persons coffee of choice says a lot about them, and when your coffee of choice is from 4AM, we know that you value hard work, passion, and community. Thanks for all your support!

With that being said, what’s your favorite coffee?

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